Buzz Rickson’s sweatshirts

So, what makes a sweatshirt a good sweatshirt? When I go sweatshirt hunting, I general look for things like fabric weave & weight, collar/cuff construction, seam & stitching details, etc. Buzz Rickson’s manufactures some of the best sweatshirts that you can find on Earth. It all starts with the custom-manufacturing of heavy, 13oz cotton fleece fabricated on vintage loop-wheeling looms (apparently from the 1920s). The fabric is then expertly crafted using 4-needle, tube-body construction & lock-stitching into a 1930s, 40s-style athletic sweatshirt  with no side-seams, featuring awesome details such as set-in, seamless cuffs & vintage style rayon-on-cotton labels.

The sweatshirts come in a few different designs, such as those with v-placket necks, double-v-placket necks, ‘freedom’ sweats, etc. More expensive models have military insignias and designs printed on. Here is my small collection of 3, I’m planning on expanding it next winter 🙂

The red sweatshirt is a Buzz Rickson’s collaboration with Self Edge, based on an older ‘Vampire Bats’ sweatshirt – squadron 94110 didn’t actually exist (94110 is the postcode at Self Edge). The other two feature the patches of flight squads from WWII.

These sweatshirts are incredibly comfortable and warming, more than enough for the Melbourne winter.


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