Buzz Rickson’s William Gibson collection m-65 field jacket

Buzz Rickson’s is a brand under Toyo Enterprises, established in 1993, which specialises in the reproduction of vintage military clothing (most notably flight jackets).  Along with the McCoy family of brands, Buzz Rickson’s makes some of the world’s most authentic and best constructed reproduction pieces.

After William Gibson published his famous novel ‘Pattern Recognition’, in which the female protagonist Cayce Pollard’s most treasured item was a black Buzz Rickson’s MA-1 flight jacket, Buzz Rickson’s actually decided to create a dedicated line of black military jackets, devoid of military insignias, under the William Gibson name. And so the William Gibson collection was born!

Here is my m-65 field jacket from the BRxWG collection. The outer water-proof nylon/cotton sateen shell & the inner cotton shell are both made to 1965 US military specs in terms of weight & weave – the original m-65 is undoubtedly one of the most versatile jackets ever created, and it has subsequently heavily influenced the way modern jackets are designed. However, the William Gibson edition is black (as opposed to the original Olive Drab) & does not have any military insignias on the outer shell – making it a ‘civilian’ edition. It’s also slightly more fitted than the standard m-65 jacket.

The details & the construction of this jacket is amazing – please don’t mistake Buzz Rickson’s jacket with $50 versions made by modern day military contractors and suppliers!!! I have been told by m-65 enthusiasts that Rickson’s m-65 is much better than even the original.

Crown zipper & also snap-closure buttons. Notice the texture of the cotton satin~

Velcro-closures, button-down shoulder straps & a collar with a hood compartment (as per original specifications).

It has a straw-string near the waist. Notice the authentically reproduced care instructions~

The m-65 has served me very well – I’ve beaten many Melbourne storms and rains in this jacket (the hood inside the collar was invaluable), and can attest the nylon-cotton sateen weave is waterproof! The large pockets & various wind-proofing features on the jacket also makes it a very practical piece of garment. All in all, I couldn’t be happier with Rickson’s take on the m-65; this jacket is definitely something I will be wearing day-in, day-out for many years.


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