Pherrow’s 421

Pherrow’s is one of my all time favourite denim brands. Pherrow’s started in Japan in 1991, but has not been well known outside of Japan as Samurai’s, Flat Heads, etc. In the past the company’s jeans has been made under the label Stormy Blue, but since last year (2009) the jeans production has been moved under it’s main label (Pherrow’s,Β pronounced Fellow’s).

This is my Pherrow’s 421 when it was new (one starch wash), from Clever Idea denim shop~

I would say the 421 is a traditional slim fit. I like the back-pocket stitching on these (they call it the buffalo horn) – IMO, comparing the new stitchings (after the Levi’s lawsuit fiasco) of Samurai’s, FH, Fullcount, SC, D’Artisan, etc – Pherrow’s win!

Nice leather patch, slightly similar to the D’Artisan patches, but with a tougher grain.

Very interesting colour combo in terms of stitching! The buttons are a mixed bag too. Of course, the construction is magnificent, not many denim makers in the world can measure up to this.

It’s 13.75 oz denim, weave is fairly tight, but has some variation in the texture. Feels heavier than it actually is, if you know what I mean. The Stormy Blue button is very curious – seems to form the cap of the backpocket rivet.

The flannel pocket cloths are a mixed bag as well. Not as sturdy as say, the shirt cloth on the old D’Artisan war models, but has a very comfortable, brushed texture.

Overall I think the denim & the cut are both very good. The details are very interesting, lots of variety – but may not appeal to the 501xx denim purist. I will be wearing these in very gently over the next couple of years (as a weekend jean).


2 thoughts on “Pherrow’s 421

  1. I am seriously thinking of picking one of this up, what is your advise for the sizing?


    1. Hey Felix,
      I would recommend TTS…though the fit overall is more relaxed (it’s fairly straight legged), so maybe 1 size down if you like your denim on the slimmer side.

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