Real Japan Blues RJB 66bspbk

Real Japan Blues (RJB) is a label created in 2005 under The Flat Head (TFH); whereas TFH specialises in the reproduction of vintage Levi’s, RJB excels in the modern interpretation of selvedge denim – in the Japanese domestic market, RJB jeans are a bit more expensive than TFH jeans, perhaps reflecting the extra attention to detail & artisan twists that exists within the label. RJB was relatively unknown outside of Japan until they began their collaboration with Self Edge.

Here is my RJB 66bspbk from Self Edge, bought at a very reasonable price a month back. Kiya was very helpful with the sizing 🙂 I’ve been pretending they are suit pants , so they’re getting a few hours each week at work (they have little patches of fading).

The 66bspbk is based on the Dior 19cm cut. It features a 14 oz selvedge denim with black-dyed warp and black-dyed weft, complete with black stitching & black dyed cowhide patch. The lot & size printing on the patch has since faded away~

The Universal gripper zipper has been used. There is also a knife pocket (i.e. double length coin/watch pocket) for my A.Wright & Sons 🙂 The belt loops are nice & thick, with a raised ridge in the centre.

The denim itself is quite something too, not very familiar with the texture, can’t describe it, look at the pic for yourself :P. It is very tightly woven, and was heavily starched!

So I sized one up on this pair, so it’s not emo-tight~


2 thoughts on “Real Japan Blues RJB 66bspbk

  1. Can you tell me what the tagged waist and actual waste size were when new please? I have heard conflicting reports about this…thanks

    1. It is tagged sz 36. I cannot remember what it was when new – but after an initial hot soak & a month of wear, they’ve 37.5 inches in the waist currently (I think I could have done with a tagged size 34).
      They sit a bit lower on the waist, so you’d need to size up about half an inch compared to more vintage fits.
      Why don’t you ask Kiya to measure a pair for you?

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