Roy Denim standard 5 pocket jeans

My first pair of dry selvedge denim were a pair of Edwin SENs many years ago (when SENs were still sensibly constructed, without the silly exposed selvedge pockets), and my journey into Japanese denim began.

I’ve never really looked into Nudies, Pace, etc…Western brands which are considered to be gateway jeans to the truly Artisan (& mostly Japanese) makes.

However, recently I have recently acquired a pair of American-made jeans using American selvedge fabric – and I’m very glad I took a chance with Roy Slaper’s standard 5 pocket jean 🙂

The construction & attention to detail are well up there with the niche Japanese brands, not to mention the personalised service from Roy and the very acceptable price tag…

The leather patch is veg tanned, heavy & thick 9 oz of what I believe is some sort of saddle leather. It’s been tanned in the sun a little bit by Roy himself, and I predict the leather will age very well. The letters are carved in nicely.

The hardware used are simple but sturdy. I love the black buttons, and of course the very well made button holes to match them.

The raised belt loops – ‘good’ is an understatement. The loose bottom end is tucked back into the yoke – I don’t remember the last time I saw that :p

The pocket cloth is very sturdy and has a slightly ridged (for the lack of a better word) texture. Roy’s chain-stitch embroidery is done superbly, and makes every pair unique.

More contruction details…

On first impression, the 14oz White Oak denim from Cone Mills has a nice hand, smooth with a bit of slub to it. I can’t really think of any comparisons right now. It has a nice, deep indigo hue – the mini slubbing gives it a subtle 3D effect. This is honestly the best denim I have seen come out of the US for a long time – and dare I say better than most of the LVC denim fabrics.

All I can say is, if you’re looking for a pair of dry selvedge under $200, definitely consider Roy’s jeans. IMO they’re worth much more than that –  the make is comparable (and in some aspects better) than my Japanese stuff. Above all, you get great personal service & advice from Roy – something that you can’t get when buying a pair of LVC or SDA.


2 thoughts on “Roy Denim standard 5 pocket jeans

    1. Above comment and user name edited for language.

      Hey ‘bob’, I’m well aware that most of the denim used in the LVC line comes from Cone Mill, which part of my post did I contradict this fact? I don’t understand why you’re so upset???

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