Wrangler Blue Bells

I am a fairly regular customer at Pants Shop Avenue, and they stock many, many Japanese denim brands, including mind-blowing collections of old-stock Denime and Studio D’Artisan jeans.

They had these Wrangler Blue Bell jeans on sale, and I just couldn’t resist. Once upon a time Wrangler contracted Edwin to produce a series of historical reproductions of vintage Wrangler jeans from the 40s to 60s – the Blue Bells. They were by far the best Wrangler jeans in the modern era, and the collaboration resulted in some very impressive models, some ranging up to $1000 AUD. Sadly, Blue Bells are no longer being made in Japan, and the Blue Bells you see nowadays in Western retail are produced elsewhere using mostly Turkish denim 😦

This M1112-29 is a 11MW reproduction of 1964 (Japanese edition) – it has a looser vintage fit with a higher waist, a nice contrast to the slim straight cut of most modern jeans. I think this model was only ever produced for one year, and there was also a zipper model with the same denim released at the same time.

The sanforized denim is smooth and tightly woven, about 14 oz or a little more. The indigo is fairly dark – a similar shade to the other Wrangler Blue Bells.

Has a regular fit with a slight bell-bottom. Crotch stitching done with blue threads.

A big plastic patch on the right back-pocket, slightly larger & heavier duty than the ones on modern day Wranglers. Nice little Blue Bell logo to set them apart!

The vintaged steel buttons are a bit smaller than I’m use to. I really like the top button – with ‘Wrangler’ punched into the metal, and an engraved ‘A2’ at the back. Also features flattened back-pocket rivets – so they won’t scratch your saddle (or furniture)~

Pocket-cloth with the Blue Bell tag. The stamp on the bottom (mostly faded) reads: “Sanforized Sail Cloth. Tool-Proof Pocket.”

Close-up on denim, notice the interesting orange/green selvedge and the hem is not chain-stitched (which is historically accurate for Wranglers of that era).


One thought on “Wrangler Blue Bells

  1. Hi I’m Gel. I like your full info regarding Wrangler Blue Bell. I also owned a pair of the same jeans that you have posted. It’s so nice to see a blog with the same feeling of Pride to have it! Lucky for us! Cheers

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