Edwin Vintage Collection

I’ve never been able to find much info about Edwin’s Vintage Collection (VC) jeans, but IMO they are Edwin’s effort to bridge the gap between it’s SEN selvedge models (considered lower-end Japanese jeans) and the higher end makes of it’s competition (e.g. Samurai Jeans, The Flat Head, etc).

This is my pair of VC506, made with 13.5oz pink-id selvedge denim. 1.5 months effective wear; 1 inital soak + cold wash, then another soak at the 1 month mark.  A modified (slimmer) 506 fit – I’d say a slim straight. Doesn’t have the anti-fit arse-sag that made me sell my Blue Trips. They are vanity sized though, as with most Edwin Japan jeans (I recommend sizing down 2 sizes on these VCs).

Some fading is already visible at the front:

Close-up of front:

Hard-ware (not too bad!), notice the dual tone stitch inside:

Pocket cloth (nothing fancy, but heavier then the SEN & BT pocket cloths):

Leather patch (nice grain, ~ 2mm thick):

Back (classic Edwin stitching):

Hem (pink selvedge):

Overall I’ll have to say the VCs are the best Edwin jeans available at the moment. Edwin is very capable in making good denim (they do, after all, produce the Lee Originals for Lee & Wrangler Blue Bells for Wrangler), and the VCs are a nice step up from the SENs & BTs in terms of fabric, construction, cut & vintage details~ A perfect pair of jeans for the Aussie summer 🙂


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