Studio D’Artisan 30th anniversary Clipper jeans

Studio D’Artisan is one of the older Japanese denim makers, established in 1979. They recently celebrated their 30th anniversary, and as per their usual style, they have released many special edition jeans for the occasion (they release many special editions every year, impossible to keep count of the weird & wonderful pieces they have created).

DSC01937.jpg picture by CCH_photo
To mark the anniversary, they have asked their customers to name the two pigs on their logo – the winning names were ‘Clipper’ & ‘Indy’, and each pig subsequently had a special pair of jeans made in their honour. The Clipper jean is Levi’s based and limited to 200 pairs around the world, the Indy jean is Lee inspired, and limited to 150 pairs.

DSC01840.jpg picture by CCH_photo

DSC02571.jpg picture by CCH_photo

DSC02572.jpg picture by CCH_photo

This is my Clipper jean – made of tightly woven, right-hand twill, 15oz of pure denim goodness. The denim has a rugged, hairy hand to it. The overall fit would be better described as traditional straight. Very nice details & construction throughout.

DSC02583.jpg picture by CCH_photo

DSC02586.jpg picture by CCH_photo

DSC02596.jpg picture by CCH_photo

DSC02599.jpg picture by CCH_photo


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