The Flat Head souvenir jacket

Souvenir jackets, also know as the Yokusuka Jumper or Sukajan, originated in post-WWII Japan. US military personal stationed in Japan would take their tanker jackets, flight jackets, etc to the local Japanese tailor to be embroidered with Japanese designs & patterns as a souvenir of their time in Japan. Materials that were used later on to create these jackets included silk, velvet, satin, etc. These jackets are usually reversible, with one side being less eye-catching then the other (in my case, both sides are crazy).

Here’s my limited edition The Flat Head (TFH) souvenir jacket I stole off Giles of TFH & IH (Iron Heart) UK~ it’s a whole bunch of crazy!!!
Black velvet on one side:

Cream satin on the other side:

More details~
TFH ykk zipper:

The velvet fabric, not flimsy velvet though, it has a nice rugged feel to it:

The satin fabric, very comfortable:

Very well made cuff:

Maybe if I wear it at home enough, the skull & dragon stitchings will come off in a decade or so, and my missus will let me wear it out 😛

This jacket is very comfortable & warm, and I’m seriously in love with the velvet fabric. The fit is good, shoulder is constructed for unrestricted movement, plenty of room in the chest area – would be a perfect companion for Autumn strolls to Chinatown.


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