Reading Material

Here are a couple of blogs that I really enjoy reading~

This is 5’s Second Skin, the man has true vintage style:

Also, Kurt’s LIFE & faith blog, he operates a shop in Taipei, small but lots of awesome stuff, and he does some mean chain-stitching!

P.S. Kurt’s blog is in Traditional Han Chinese by the way – if you can’t read it, just enjoy the pictures!


6 thoughts on “Reading Material

    1. As being a Taiwanese-Canadian, it interested me when I saw a western posted something about 無名小站…thats big deal, haha

      and by the way, I enjoy reading your blog. its very informative , especially for someone who is new to vintage clothing and raw denim culture..

  1. oh..sorry for the wrong assumption..

    Man ,how long have u been a fan of vintage clothing?
    just out of curiosity cuz the level of your knowledage is beyond a normal consumer..
    By the way..I am the Defhype from Authentic forum….haha

    1. Well, I’ve been into Japanese denim for about 4-5 years now, not all that long. If you can, you should give Kurt’s blog a good read – his knowledge base is huge and he’s been into denim for much longer than I have (the man had a collection of 200+ pairs at one stage).

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