Membrane? What membrane?

Yesterday I shared some reptile leather care that I personally use, and a couple of people asked: What is this membrane you speak of?


Well, the membrane is basically the soft tissue that is holding the scales together. The scales themselves are pretty tough, and won’t dry out too much too quickly. It’s the membrane (which gives the skin some tensile strength and allows it to breath) which we need to care for more regularly.


Here are a couple of pictures to clarify. The first photo shows the scales & the membranes in between:


In the second photo I have digitally altered the first photo, highlighting the membranous tissue (lighter coloured portions):

I suggest using a soft toothbrush and gently wiping some beeswax compound into the membrane – as they are in the recesses between the ridging scales, they aren’t very easily accessed with a cloth or finger.


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