Levi’s Vintage Collection (LVC) 1967 505 Dry Goods

Following on from yesterday’s mini-story about the original of Levi’s riveted overalls, I thought I show a few pictures of a modern day reproduction of the Levi’s dry goods 505 jeans of 1967, made by Levi’s themselves.

DSC03059.jpg picture by CCH_photo

I bought this pair el cheapo from a local denim store – they had a couple of larger sized LVC jeans on sale (I gather not too many people are crazy enough to pay the Australia RRP for LVCs)…

Anyway, the 1967 505, in a departure from previous models, is constructed of sanforised denim, the leather patch was replaced with the more water hardy paper patch and the button fly was replaced with a zipper fly. The legs have also been tapered somewhat, but the fit is still fairly relaxed since I have sized up one on this pair.

DSC03069.jpg picture by CCH_photo

The copper button & zipper fly:

Close-up of the denim the smooth 14.5 oz, sanforised denim by Kaihara (became quite soft & comfortable only after a few wears):

DSC03067.jpg picture by CCH_photo

Won’t be wearing this pair any time soon, until I can get the inseam hemmed up a bit – this will probably be next year,  so don’t hold your breath for updates or fit pics 😛


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