Cuff cleaning

If you cuff your jeans, like I sometimes do, then invariably (well, very quickly) you will face the horrors of ‘cuff crap’ ~ an assortment of garbage that you & your jeans have encountered:



This is just one week after the previous clean – imagine how much would build up in the months to come!

What I tend to use for cleaning denim, without getting the fabric wet, is a simple brush:



You’ll need a brush with fine, but relatively rigid bristles to pick off both dust and heavier bits of random junk – a shoe brush wouldn’t cut it. Head down to your local department store, and with some luck they should stock hairbrush for jackets/coats – don’t cheap out on the brush, most likely you’ll be using it for many applications over a long time. A decent hairbrush will cost you around 40 bucks or more. My particular brush is a military style brush, made in Germany, from David Jones.



Just a quick note on the brushing, although it seems intuitive:

Don’t brush the denim as if we’re shining shoes. Use firm, controlled strokes and brush along the grain line, ending with a quick flick off the denim. We should be doing this around once every two weeks or so with our cuffs.

The hairbrush can also be used to sparingly clean other part of the jean (inside the pockets, in the creases, etc), and of course, used to clean our jackets & coats – I tend to give my BR jackets with cotton outer shells a quick brush over every week. Dust & grit are bad news (for the lifespan/condition of the fabric), especially on garments which aren’t washed often.


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