Pants Shop AVENUE

Today I’ll introduce, in my opinion, one of THE best denim shops in the world. One of the better kept secrets of Japanese denim hobbyists – Pants Shop Avenue:



This massive collection of rare & beautiful Japanese denim today started out life in 1900, when the ancestors of the Ohno family started the kimono shop ‘Ohnoya’.


Ohno family Samurai, picture from 1868.


It was only after WWII, or more specifically 1966, that the shop began selling blue jeans in Tochigi-ken, since it was found that the kimono was no longer a popular day-wear compared with previous decades.

As the volume of jeans they sold grew by the year, the president of the company decided to consolidate the shop into a professional denim retailer in 1974, and the shop was renamed ‘Pants Shop Avenue’, as it is known today…


Nowadays, Pants Shop Avenue is well known to be one of the oldest & earliest stockists of Denime garments (arguably the largest collection I’ve seen) – and since the demise of the old Denime after it’s change of management last year (it is no longer Shins Inc), Pants Shop has chosen to focus on Studio D’Artisan (again, absolute largest collection of SDA garments in one spot) and other expert Japanese makers such as Eternal, Sugar Cane, etc.

If you are after a pair of Denime 66xx made by Shins Inc., a Xmas special edition Studio D’Artisan jeans or old stock 100% natural indigo Sugar Cane dungarees, the Pants Shop Avenue is your best bet. The staff are friendly & super helpful with expert advice & expertly done KANSAI SPECIAL chain-stitching to shorten your jeans.


Visit them at:

Nasushiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture 〒 329-2712 Shimonagata 1-1012-12

Or visit their website:


4 thoughts on “Pants Shop AVENUE

  1. Hey mikecch, I have a few questions about the specifics of ordering if you’re in a foreign country (I’m in America but I assume it should be the same as for Australians). How does ordering work if you’re in a foreign country? What kinds of payment do they accept? Can they understand english emails?

    1. Hi David,
      Australia is fairly similar to the US in terms of purchasing overseas, though our tax exempted purchase value is $1000, so usually most purchases will not incur taxation – I’m not sure the taxes work in the US.
      Simply send Naoki (the owner) an e-mail in English, and he’ll get back to you within a couple of days – his English is pretty good, so language shouldn’t be an issue.
      I know they accept PayPal – not sure about credit or wire-transfers, since it’s been a few years since I last asked him about payment options.

      1. Alright thanks. Was considering picking up a pair of SC 55’s, and they’re the only ones with anything near a complete selection of sizes

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