Fluffy, fluffy fluffs of fluff

My friends complain I’m too asian-phile with my clothing, which is not really true (most Western brands are made in China anyway…but that’s beside the point). Anyway, here’s something to balance out the Japanese denim & leather gear~


My continent has sheep, lots of sheep – so does the country next to me, they have lots of sheep – and sheep gives us wool, a wonderful material for clothing, amongst other uses. Woollen fabrics, when done right, keeps us warm in Winter and, surprisingly, cool in Summer; in it’s minimally processed forms, it’s a living fabric, more so than denim. And better yet, the sheep doesn’t have to die for the wool.


Most of the wool we’d come across in the hobby would be in the form of interior lining for jackets (think Lee Storm Rider, tanker jackets, M-41s, etc). But my favourite kind of wool is…



…nice fluffy wool – incredibly warming, incredibly comfortable, and vents/breathes like you wouldn’t believe. Beats the wool blanket linings by kilometres!


Here’s my proudly Australian-made ugg scuffle πŸ™‚ Wool inner with sheepskin outer. One of the wisest investments I’ve made! Awesome for walking around the house on chilli Melbourne days.



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