Roy Denim temporary hiatus

This is a letter from Roy to everyone, as per his website:



This a letter to a lot of people. I think that it is usually called an “open letter.”

To preface: I will be making some changes and improvements in both the way I sell stuff and the what I sell, so I want to take advantage of this website to have the floor before so many who have taken an interest in both what I’m making and me personally as well as my success.

First, hearty thanks are in order. Thank you to each blog, each forum and each person who has shown others what I have been doing. You have connected me to a world of denim I was unaware existed and as if getting emails in broken English, or better Google translated English, from half way around the world complimenting my work is not enough, people actually buy them too. So of course, thank you each person who has bought them. If fact, especially thank you. And especially sincere thanks to people on superfuture. You all are a pleasure to work with.

Although all this has been rewarding, it also has been physically quite taxing and I’ve gotten myself in a pickle. Some of you know that I have other work commitments beyond making jeans. Also, I do want to be making more than one style of jeans plus more than just jeans which takes time to design and test. Some of you also know that I have a storefront I’ve been working on.

So what am I getting at here? I’ll tell you. I am taking a break from selling the jeans for a few months to move to the next part. I can’t promise what I will come up with or in what form I will return, but I’m confident that this time will be fruitful and worth taking. I’ll fulfill my commitments so I can focus on jeans and do design and prototyping. Maybe I’ll even get some rest in the bargain.


On Friday, June 25th at 11:59 pm I will end taking orders at this 150.00 price for the 5 pocket jean. This will be all online and there will be no more studio visits for this deal. I hate to say it this way, but if you miss the deadline, you missed the boat and its out to sea and there you are standing on the dock with your limp ticket… Depending on the volume of orders, I will probably need one month to deliver, but it could be sooner.

I just want to give anyone who would have been bummed to have missed out the opportunity to get in still. If its no big deal and people can wait and see, thats fine too. I can’t promise that the price will stay the same when I return.

So, the last thing I would want to do is engender any ill will after how cool everyone has been to me. Hopefully this will be met with understanding and support. I’ll be back soon.

Much Love,



So get yourself a pair before it’s too late!

Can’t wait to see what the man comes up with next 🙂


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