SC40300 revival project

Next year will be a big year for collectors: Pherrow’s will be releasing their 20th anniversary special edition model (for the 421 cut, I guess) and The Flat Head will be celebrating their 15th anniversary (expecting a special model too). Not to mention Samurai and D’Artisan’s yearly special models (and apparently some rare Studio D’Artisan jeans are coming at the end of this year, limited to 50 to 60 pieces, only very few retailers will stock them).

But before all that, I have decided to keep wearing my sc40300 – a revival project will begin today, as the crotch repairs are finished 🙂

Here’s some more sc40300 info.

Pictures of a new sc40300:

Detail of the Ryukyu-ai used for dyeing:

(use Google or Bing translator)

The revival will involve the sc40300 to be worn approximately 3 times each week, and washed every month. For some pictures of my sc40300, just click the Sugar Cane link on my blog and have a look at the older posts (compare it to the ‘as new’ pictures in the above link). Pictures will be up later next month for the beginning of revival pics, and will be updated every two months.

P.S. Sorry to all the Roy denim fans who wanted update pics – I’ve been stuck in work pants this month for assessments, so progress has been minimal – more to come in August!


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