Cat’s Paw work pants by Sugar Cane

My Cat’s Paw grey work pants arrived today, along with some military jacket books!

Big thanks to Hide-san of Sharp Service Japan for being my proxy – he even sent me some Crunky 🙂 If anyone is interested in getting items from Japan, I would highly recommend Sharp Service. The communication is fast and friendly, and Hide-san is very helpful – whether it’s getting in garments directly from shops or bidding online. He also has direct access to brands such as Samurai, Pure Blue Japan, FOB Factory, Iron Heart, Pherrow’s, and Momotaro (which means no proxy fee)!


The famous Cat’s Paw soles first became available in 1904, manufactured by Cat’s Paw Rubber Company Inc. of Baltimore. The iconic logo was designed for the company by graphic designer Lucian Bernhard, and registered in 1936. At some point in the last century the company was taken over by Biltrite Corp. (a rival company), and production ever since has been very limited to non-existent.

It is certainly difficult to find a shoe-repairer who knows about or has stock of the Cat’s Paw soles, nd I have not yet managed to find them where I live.

Among the most famous of Cat’s Paw related products now would have to be Toyo’s (the dudes who also make Sugar Cane, Buzz Rickson’s, etc) Lone Wolf line of boots – many pairs of which use new-old stock Cat’s Paw soles from the ’40s and ’50s.

However, I’ve noticed recently that Toyo is now producing garments under the Cat’s Paw label! This pair of cotton work pants particularly caught my eye.

A little bit more about the Cat’s Paw work pants – it’s made out of a charcoal grey cotton/poly fabric that feels very sturdy, with a Talon zipper fly, grip-button style buttons on the front and left back pocket (fashioned after the grip button on the Cat’s Paw soles).

I would say they are a little lighter in weight than Buzz Rickson’s chinos, but there is strength and density in the fabric.

The details are these are very nice, with Cat’s Paw logo on the yoke, the Union tab on the left pocket, the Rayon labels, etc. Overall I’ll have to say the details and construction are both top-notch, even though they are made in China, and the fabric is no push-over – for the price I’m paying, I’m very happy with them. The Cat’s Paw work pants definitely blows away any pair of pants near it’s retail price that’s available in Australia (much like it’s Sugar Cane denim counterparts).

I will write more after I try them on again after a trip to the washing machine and put them through a full days work.


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