Fullcount 1663 hickory pants

Now Fullcount is one of those companies I have great respect for – started in 1994, it is one of the few great Japanese denim jeans makers that are still privately owned (well, as far as I can remember), and that have stayed true to their own philosophies while crafting their products. Sure, it is not a juggernaut like Toyo or Edwin nor does it have the popularity edge that companies like Samurai Jeans have, but the garments they produce are always top quality.

Picked up this pair of Fullcount 1663 at a local denim store yesterday – just got them back from the tailors today after a bit of hemming work.

DSC03243.jpg picture by CCH_photo

The fabric is 12oz hickory – put together by Fullcount in Japan. It’s a chino-style work pant made in reflection of the rail-road overalls of 19th/early 20th century USA.

This ain’t just your average chino, however, as the craftsmanship and the fabrics used in this garment is superb. The hickory cloth, consisting of 100% cotton, is soft but sturdy as any denim fabric you’ll come across – hickory is traditionally known as a twill fabric with excellent durability, and the cloth that Fullcount has used certainly does this heritage proud.

The pocket cloth and lining on this pair utilizes a sturdy, white herringbone fabric. Reinforcements were well implemented at points of stress, the stitches and fabric edges were all very neatly done, and the seams are also quite impeccable.

It will be very interesting to see how this fabric wears and ages as compared to the more common denim fabric. Incidentally, this pair is not on the same rotation list as my denim jeans, so it’ll be getting wear throughout most of the year – updates to come, alongside comparisons with the Cat’s Paw work pants from Toyo.


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