Real Japan Blues RJB 66bspbk follow-up 2

Have been wearing these close to a month now (effective wear), and I’ve just washed them.

The denim is very similar to the White Oak on the ROY jeans in terms of the small-slub texture and the stiffness retention. I’ve picked off a couple of what seems to be small polyester threads from the denim itself. Maybe somehow RJB has incorporated the material into the denim?

Anyway, big thumbs up to RJB and Self Edge on this pair – one of the better black-dyed jeans I’ve seen. Often times the ageing process on black-dyed denim can seem somewhat monotonous, but the black weft + black warp combo on the 66bspbk is producing good results so far, with more subtle graduation in the shades of grey.

DSC03488.jpg picture by CCH_photo

DSC03490.jpg picture by CCH_photo


Thus far, the denim is fading very quickly – just like its The Flat Head cousins. Especially the whiskering near the crotch area & and the ridging along the yoke, I’ve never had fading so far on any other pair of jeans. Fading along the hem hasn’t caught up with the other parts, mainly because I’ve been wearing these double-cuffed until recently.

The denim allows crease formation very easily too, forming very crisp folds and retaining the creases well after washing.

The leather patch, although on the thinner side, is very resistant to washing – however, there isn’t much texture in this leather and I don’t see it producing any good patina or show much evolution (granted, leather patch evolution isn’t really the point here :P).

The hardware on this pair of jeans is awesome though – just beautiful – I’m just starting to see the first signs of oxidation 🙂

The stitching and construction is top-notch as well, a couple of loose finishes here and there, but overall it’s very solid. The black stitches are evolving into shades of grey, which is pretty awesome and just goes to show RJB’s attention to detail!

DSC03499.jpg picture by CCH_photo

DSC03501.jpg picture by CCH_photo

DSC03509.jpg picture by CCH_photo

DSC03513.jpg picture by CCH_photo

DSC03521.jpg picture by CCH_photo

DSC03493.jpg picture by CCH_photo


I’ve always wanted a pair of RJBs, but the back-pocket designs on their Japanese-market jeans have put me off purchasing them – I’m really glad that they’ve developed a few models with Self Edge, and maybe in a few years time when I’ve gone through some more of my current jeans, I’ll pick-up an indigo pair as well.

Next up though, I’m in a bit of a dilemma, my denim wish-list right now includes Samurai’s Osaka Campaign jeans & Scroll of Emptiness jeans, WH’s Whisky Cat, and I also want to check out some SE collabs coming in September. But only enough $$$ for 1 pair – what to do???


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