Starch day~

Since I’ve had to wash my Roy’s a little earlier than anticipated, I’ve decided to give the honeycomb area on the Roy’s a little starch.


Back in the days when I was starching my Edwins and hand-distressing SDAs, I used a lot of spray starch – but they worked out to be much more expensive than starch powder. With powder, too, I could adjust my own starch concentration – just mix powder in some cold water, stir, and add some hot water, stir, and use a paint-brush or towel to apply the mixture onto the desired area on the jeans. For those who find spray-starch too dilute for heavy denim, give starch powder a go – it’s a bit more hassle, but it’s cheaper and more effective in the long run šŸ™‚



And here are the Roy’s post-wash (excuse the weird camera angle, it was the best I could manage)…

The inseam shrank a bit more than anticipated, but I’ve managed to stretch it out by hanging the jeans upside down and circumferentially apply small metal weights around the waist band.

The leather patch took a bit of a beating in the washer, but held up well. The colour has changed from orange/saddle tan to a brick brown – will post some pictures once the wax dries off~


DSC03642.jpg picture by CCH_photo


4 thoughts on “Starch day~

  1. Can you explain the point of starching specific spots on the jeans? And why, specifically the back of the knees? Cheers.

    1. Starching makes the denim more rigid temporarily and makes the surface of the denim more rough – the theory is that this promotes crease setting on the jeans and also the degree of indigo loss from the starched surfaces. I’ve lightly starched the honeycomb area (back of knees) to regain the crease definition that was present before the wash – this is traditionally the area which is the last and hardest to achieve fading. Anyway, it’s really just for fun and experimentation – I’m sure there are denim purists out there who would disapprove šŸ˜›

      I’m also experimenting with a starch wash/soak, similar to what Pherrow’s does with it’s jeans… but that get’s messy!

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