faith x Ken leather belts

A couple of faith x Ken belts arrived today from Taipei 

The type II belt is mine, the type II is for my brother.
Type II “Industrial Belt”

Nice brass hardware, thick stitching, and the ‘hammer-through & break-off’ vintage riveting process that Kurt has dug out from the archives!

The vegetable tanned leather is around 5 mm thick, and it’s density has been boosted using some sort of high pressure process to make the leather stiffer and give the grain an unique, tree-bark like appearance.

The belt is well designed and is nicely tapered.

The individually numbered, fish-shaped pin holes are a nice touch.

Even had my name hand stamped near the rivet!


Type III “Union Belt”

Nice, thick natural tan leather.

Similar to the high quality nume belts that the Japanese leathersmiths do.

Notice the horse-shoe buckle and the hand-stitched sides near the pin holes.


I’m in the process of oiling and waxing my Type II belt at the moment – photos of the breaking in process to come in the next few weeks!


5 thoughts on “faith x Ken leather belts

    1. Hi Mitch, I think the fish-shaped holes are for aesthetics – I know some Japanese brands do the same thing (45rpm, KC’s, etc) and I’ve seen it on older ornamental western belts.
      Since wearing them yesterday, I haven’t noticed any benefits in terms of function deriving from he shape of the holes.

      You’ll get a better answer if you PM zk on Sufu (he’s the owner of ‘faith’, and designed this belt)…

    1. Hi, they are from a shop called ‘faith’ in Taipei. The owner designed the belts and collaborate with a local leather craftsman in making the belt. Here’s the link the the shop’s blog:
      The address is in there.

      But these belts were a limited run – the leather they used for them have been exhausted. You might have to wait until type IV is released.

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