AIKA & Enishi Yoshi jean WARNING!!!!

Just a note to those who are interested in the AIKA & Enishi Yoshi jeans – there is someone on the Internet offering pre-orders for these jeans.

I just want to let you know that AIKA is not coming back (it has closed for good). A former employee of the company has 100% confirmed this!

Also, note the suspicious points about the ad this man has posted:

* unclear, old-stock photos

* incorrectly stating that the yoshi jean by Enishi is an AIKA product (it is not!)

* the ‘slim’ models he is offering I have NEVER seen before at either AIKA or their retailers

* extremely weird ‘selvedge’ on these slim models and an unfamiliar logo

* pricing is much lower than what AIKA sold them for

No matter what he tells you – AIKA HAS BEEN LIQUIDATED & SHUT DOWN as of 2009.

It is not coming back, never ever.


Also ‘bronker’, stop using my blog posts to sell your wares, please.

I’d have appreciated it if you asked first.

But if you are going to do something that’s ethically questionable, leave me out of it.


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