Sexy defects…

Isn’t it funny how certain defects on artisan products give them that extra little bit of specialness?

I was hammering a rivet on the faith x Ken type II belt today (the broken tip was still a little scratchy), and I noticed lots of little ‘defects’ on the garments and accessories around me – here are some of them~


Loom chatter in the White Oak denim from Cone Mills on a pair of Roy’s:

Here is a defect on the full grain leather of the Clever x Dolce Vita belt – looks like an area of scar tissue (lack of pores) the cattle-beast sustained in life:


A smaller scar on the faith x Ken belt:


I personally adore these defects – they make each item unique.

If you’re wondering how the poor rivet is holding up – here’s a picture… (I need to get a smaller hammer)

The edge on the broken tip is smoother now 🙂



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