Let’s see what this little lady has to say about SuFu~

Thanks to Vampyrvargfesten for bringing this to my attention… Rant from banned SuFu member, makes for an interesting read 😛


2 thoughts on “Let’s see what this little lady has to say about SuFu~

  1. Hi Artist Denim!

    Definitely her rant has an element of truth…SuFu is not for everybody & much less tolerant than, say, the mynudies forum – but when it comes to raw denim, there is no better resource. I’m addicted too!

    But saying SuFu’ers are sexist, socially shut-out people who are nothing special in this world is pushing it a little bit :-S

    She approached SuFu with the wrong attitude & intention to begin with anyway~ she has no interest in raw denim/vintage style jeans, seemed hell bent on proving her point and causing trouble…I’m surprised she only got 1000 neg rep 😛

    Anyway, she seems like an interesting person; bubble tea + weed??? Posting up pictures of herself in underwear on a public photo album (which I’m glad she’s since made private)???
    And I still don’t see why she had to put ‘asian husband’ in her profile (not being racist here, I’m of Han descent myself) – why not just ‘husband’???
    Just a provocative personality I guess.

    P.S. Looking forward to seeing your new fit!

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