Cheswick sweaters!

My Cheswick sweaters from SeaBees finally arrived a few days ago – thought I’d share some pictures now that my photobucket links are working again!

For those who aren’t familiar with the brand, Cheswick Sports Wear is a branch under Toyo (the same dudes who make Sugar Cane, Buzz Rickson’s, Lone Wolf, etc) which focuses on sportswear from the 1940’s to the 1960’s. The majority of their garments are made in Canada (by Wing Son Garments Ltd., now known as WS & Company after a change of management), with some T-shirts made in USA or Japan.

The most notable of Cheswick’s products are perhaps the Road Runner garments made in collaboration with Warner Brothers (it’s Toyo’s version of Warehouse’s Snoopy/Peanuts collaboration :P).

DSC04093.jpg picture by CCH_photo

DSC04083.jpg picture by CCH_photo

Whilst Cheswick products generally aren’t as high-end as the Buzz Rickson’s stuff (e.g. AFAIK these sweats aren’t loopwheeled), the quality and craftsmanship are definitely still there.

Just think of Cheswick garments as very good quality vintage-style essentials without the uber nerding / military theme that is involved in McCoy’s or Rickson’s.


These two sweaters are from Chewick’s yearly offering of vintage print sweats (check out the wash effects on the pictures below).

Their Canadian factory specialises in this kind of custom printing and vintage washing – and I’m quite pleased with how they look.

The fabric is an incredibly soft, 9 oz cotton (my estimate) – lighter than their 12 oz Rickson’s cousins & the same weight as McCoy’s sweats.

It is precisely because of their lighter weight that I bought them (Rickson’s are simply too heavy for the Australian spring) – not to mention the fact that Cheswick offers a fanastic range of colours for their sweats, unlike many made in Japan sweats which have more awkward colours (…them bright purple Dry Bones~ oh help…) 😛

These Cheswick sweats are cut with raglan sleeves, making them much more manoeuvrable then loop-wheeled box-cuts, and thus staying true to their sportswear heritage.

The garment length is also much longer than their Rickson’s equivalents, which makes them a bit more suitable for bashing about 🙂

Did I mention they are incredibly comfortable?


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