Roy Denim 5pc-standard in natural light

Got a couple of suggestions recently about the lighting I use to shoot denim pictures – apparently weird indoor lighting makes the indigo unattractive 😛

But yes, I do agree – indigo dyed denim looks much better in natural light.

So while the sun was out today, I took a few pictures of my Roy’s (it’s been a month since I washed them).


DSC04124.jpg picture by CCH_photo


Overall, I have to say I’m quite happy with how the denim was progressing.

The contrast that is beginning to develop in the honeycombs results from the heavy starching I did to counter the effects of washing my Roy’s a bit earlier than I would have liked (shrimp tank accident!)

I have also starched the thigh whiskers, and as you can see below the creases have set in like hammered rivets 🙂



DSC04120.jpg picture by CCH_photo

DSC04118.jpg picture by CCH_photo

DSC04115.jpg picture by CCH_photo

DSC04125.jpg picture by CCH_photo

DSC04129.jpg picture by CCH_photo

DSC04130.jpg picture by CCH_photo


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