Oni Denim 1001-HM continued

As promised, some more pictures today in natural light:


DSC04286.jpg picture by CCH_photo

DSC04306.jpg picture by CCH_photo

DSC04304.jpg picture by CCH_photo


Gotta love the starch soak method I’ve recently started utilising 🙂

Not only does it solve the problem of annoying crinkles and folds in new denim…

But also the creases have set in really well after just 24 hours!

I reckon by the month’s end, they creases would be settled – this would allow me to wash the jeans earlier and more frequently but still achieve nice fading (well, I’m hoping :P)

A secondary effect of this method is that the indigo will peel faster at stress points and creases, making the jeans fade faster.


Oh, I nearly forgot – the patch renovation has been completed!

Here’s what it looks like now – as you can seen, the leather is darker & more supple now, and the grain is more pronounced.

I think the colour & texture of this dear skin patch matches the denim much better now 🙂



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