It has a name – the Quercus belt.

Terry’s oak-bark tanned belt now has an official name – the ‘Quercus‘, which as Terry states, “derived from Quercus Robor, the Latin name for the English Oak, whose bark provides the tannins for the tanning process.”

Basically Quercus is Latin for Oak.


Here’s the Quercus on a relatively unworn denim (Pherrow’s 421) and a plain grey T for contrast…


In weak sunlight:

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Indirect sunlight:



Now for the close-up.

I didn’t imagine the Quercus would evolve so quickly after only 2 days of wear!

Top is brand new belt, bottom belt worn for around 30 hours.

Isn’t it interesting how the colour is already noticeably darker and the grain is becoming much more defined and expanded?


A happy man is a man with a little oak on him…or should I say, Quercus?


4 thoughts on “It has a name – the Quercus belt.

  1. Hey there,

    Your Terry belt looks fantastic! How wide is the belt? Looks really good with those jeans.


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