sc40300 revival project, short update

Here’s my sc40300 from the old Satobiki series.

I’ve had it for 3 years – perhaps 1 year of effective wear.


14.25oz cotton/sugar cane fabric from Nihon Menpu, hank-dyed to the core using natural indigo from the Ryukyu islands.
Asian buffalo leather patch dyed with the same natural indigo.

It’s a shame Sugar Cane doesn’t make jeans like these any more.

The varying hue that this denim has, especially in different shades of light, is something that synthetic indigo can never match.



I’ve pulled it out of semi-retirement briefly for this Summer as I continue the revival project.

Although it’s shift will be cut short by the Roy x Cone denim contest (for which I still haven’t received my jeans…)

Well, maybe more quality time with this fantastic pair next Summer then… the denim on this pair is one of the finest.


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