The Contest Begins…Roy x Cone 2011

Today the lady at the Post Office surprised me with two parcels!!!

And Roy’s is in the building!

Contestant number 30 reporting πŸ˜€


It’s Pima Phil!

I don’t know the back story of this pocket flasher – need to read some American history…


The denim is beautiful in person; the hand superb, the indigo mesmerising.

It appears very 3-D, yet is not overly slubby.

Shares some similarities to the 14 oz Cone denim that Roy uses for his regular jeans, but this is something else!


The back-pocket rivets appear to have been hand hammered in?

Thank you Mr. Slaper!


The same nice, tucked-in belt loops that I fell in love with on my first Roy’s.

Features a ridged centre portion.


And again, the aesthetically pleasing back-pocket contour.

Just can’t get enough of it!


A special buckle for the cinch-back (read the Paul’s interview with Roy for it’s story.)

It has developed interesting white spots after a wash, but more on that later.


Cinch was backed with duck – have not seen this before.



Duck fabric patch on the inside.

Oh don’t you worry, I’m all buckled up πŸ™‚


The Roy embroidery we’re all familiar with, now in white threads.


The same black buttons as my first Roy’s.

It was very difficult to put the top button through it’s button hole – hopefully the denim and threading in that area will stretch out quickly.


The sea-shell over-lock which made it’s first appearance on the later Roy jeans (my old pair did not have this detail.)

Check out the awesome, very durable button holes.

It’s hard to appreciate in this picture, but the waist-band is a bit narrower than usual.


The pocket fabrics were duck cloth also, a very interesting detail.

The position of the coin/watch pocket, much like the shape of the front pockets, is slightly unconventional (very trouser like.)


This ain’t going to rip any time soon.

Very nice construction.


A vintage style, plain white selvedge ID.

The width of the selvedge is perfect πŸ˜€


Very nicely locked inseam.

The chain-stitching is reassuringly beefy!


The chain-stitch on the hem is dual tone (inside yellow versus outside orange.)


More details and fit pics will follow, but in the mean time here is the pre-wash fit.

I have cold soaked these followed by a 70 degree hot wash – they have shrunk significantly, more than any other denim I’ve played with…


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