Roy x Cone denim update, Post-Wash

The denim has changed dramatically after a 70 degree hot wash.

The fabric now looks very different from it’s raw state.

The photos below are taken under very similar lighting conditions: same time of day, same room, same weather.






The denim has lost it’s green/grey tone and is now a nice, dark indigo 

The weave has closed up considerably, and not as much of the weft is visible now.

The fabric is not as hairy as the Cone denim on the regular Roy’s.

It has a nice balance of a smooth hand and subtle slubbing – reminiscent of the vintage, but nevertheless interesting to a slub lover like me.


The denim has also stretched quite a bit in the waist.

Shrank down to around 33.5 inch post-wash, and after approximately 12 hours of wear has stretched out to 34.5.

I did wear them damp for a couple of hours to stretch them out a little ;D


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