Emu wax blocks

I made some more emu oil related stuff today…

Here are some wax blocks!
The ingredients consist of beeswax, emu oil, eucalyptus oil and a few other additives.

Some very curious textures and patterns during the making:

These blocks have many uses.

It can coat your mammalian leathers, seal your reptilian leathers, reproof your oil-skin (waxed cotton) clothing, water-proof your boots, etc.

I have a couple of spare blocks, let me know if you want some!


7 thoughts on “Emu wax blocks

  1. Hey! Do you have any available still? How much would a block cost to get shipped to USA zip code 85210?


    1. Hey there!
      I’ve just sold out of the last portion yesterday…but I will be making more in the next few days.
      Shipping is around $9 to $14 depending on weight (I’ve sent a few blocks to the US already).

      Were you interested in a wax, paste, or cream?
      I can contact you via e-mail if you prefer.

  2. Sure send me an email when you have them available. I’m actually not sure 😀 What would you recommend for a general all purpose usage for Boots, wallets, belts and whatnot?


    1. Will do!
      Mmm, I guess it depends on how keen/bored or how much time you have.
      The cream would be the easiest to use.
      The paste can be a bit of a pain (most effective method is to heat it up before using).
      The wax is good for proofing, but hard to play with.

      I’ll make you something in between a cream and a paste then?
      Should be good for general purpose conditioning of wallets, shoes, etc.

    1. Hi. My apologies – due to work commitments, unfortunately I currently don’t have any time to make conditioners or wax blocks…and it looks like I won’t have any time to do so in the next couple of years 😦

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