Regarding the recent Skull Jeans ‘controversy’…

So Self Edge is dropping Skull Jeans from their stores, noting quality control and construct integrity, amongst other things, as the reasons for the discontinuation of their partnership with Fab Four.


Here is Fab Four’s official response:


Here’s the highlight:

Recently, I have received emails from overseas customers asking me “Is
everything okay with Skull Jeans?” and “I’m concerned about things I’ve
heard”. I didn’t understand what was happening, then I found out that one of
our old clients went on to a “Social Network Site” and said some negative
things about Skull Jeans causing concern amongst our customers. I personally
reply to the customers who contacted me asking about the negative comments
heard from our old client that “it is not true and no need to worry”. I
decided not to go online to self-justify about someone’s slander but I
realized that if I leave it as it is then I am not the only one affected by
this but also all of the official retail stores will have some kind of
damages so I decided to speak up. – Our denim, our components, our sewing,
are all of good quality guaranteed, we even strive for better quality


I love a bit of e-beef!

Anybody who has had experience with Skulls Jeans of past and present batches please leave a comment with your thoughts on this matter – I’m very interested in your opinion, as Skull is not a brand I’m very familiar with!


4 thoughts on “Regarding the recent Skull Jeans ‘controversy’…

  1. My friend has two pairs of Skulls (from BiG), and the construction is a mess on both of them. Turn them inside out and you can see how sloppy and inconsistent the stitching is. In comparison to other jeans in our collection (Momo’s, Eternal, SC, Samurai) and the numerous jeans I’ve handled, Skull was one of the worst as far as premium japanese denim brands go.

    1. ^ Thanks for the feedback!

      Could you and your friend share some pictures of the sloppy stitching?
      I have not handled a pair of Skulls for some years now…

  2. I own a pair of Skulls 2007 which I have used a lot.
    I love them, I do love them more than my other pairs of premium jeans.

    I have no complaints on them.
    I would gladly post pictures of them.

  3. I have had a pair of Skull 5010 for about 2 years now, and love them. The fit is perfect, the denim is top-notch, and I have no complaints at all about the quality.

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