A little raven oil action~

The grain of my elephant skin coin pouch was starting to look a little tired.

I decided it could use a shiny new colour!

So here it is, after re-dyeing:


Thought I might as well complete my next little project while I had the raven oil out.

I coloured the accent pockets on my Angelos no. 2 medium wallet:


Very amateur job, but it does give a nice personal touch to it me thinks.

The progress has been quite quick on this wallet…

The leather and linen threads have indigo smudges already, and the grain is already much darker after a couple of weeks.


2 thoughts on “A little raven oil action~

  1. They look great! I really like the elephant leather. It’s awesome. The leather crafter who did the lacing is really skillful. The color on the elephant wallet is definitely better compared to the one before.

    My stuff from Angelo should be done soon. Can’t wait!

    1. Yeah, Travis has fantastic lacing skills.
      The coin pouch was actually a very light tan when I first received it (it was sueded elephant skin), and become that dark brown colour after a dubbed it…haha, so it’s really my fault šŸ˜›

      Enjoy your Angelos’ stuff!
      I hoping to get some more stuff done by Chris in the future too.

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