Royal Park, and a little bit of RxC.

Some pictures from a couple of days ago 🙂


And some from today…

I’m a little worried about the progress I’m making with my Roy x Cone jeans…

Normally slow progress wouldn’t bother me, but this is a competition after all 😛

Compared to many other contestants (see the Roy x Cone contest thread on Superfuture), I think I’m not getting enough indigo falling off!

I have the creases settled in fairly well though, so hopefully we’ll see more progress in the next couple of months.


2 thoughts on “Royal Park, and a little bit of RxC.

  1. Love the blog! Could you go into a little detail on the starch/soak method you did on the Roys? I just got a pair of raw SC Rainbow Okinawas from Naoki, and I did you hot soak method to shrink them up. It worked great! Now the 12.5 oz denim is very soft and I want to get some creases working on them like you’ve got going on with the Roys.

    1. Cheers Jon!
      With the starch soak, I basically dissolve the starch powder in hot water (the amount depends on how stiff I want the jeans to become) to make up the starch solution.
      I’d soak the jeans in the solution (making sure the jeans are clean beforehand) for up to 1 hour, with regular agitation, and then pop it off into the dryer for a little bit.

      The concentration of the starch is where you’d have to experiment a little bit…

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