The Joe Hill belt project (part 2)

Surely, a work belt of such interesting specifications deserves a name?


Scott suggested it be named “The Joe Hill”, after the famous labour organiser/activist and songwriter who lived and died – executed after being framed for murder – in Utah about 100 years ago.

If you’ve wondered where Scott got the name of his brand from, here’s a hint: it has a lot to do with Joe Hill!


So, I present to you, number 6 of the Joe Hill belt project:



Scott had some extra surprises for us 🙂

A tin of home-made leather conditioner.

An individually number stamped coaster in natural leather.

And a couple of nice tags, featuring a photo of Joe Hill, and a little information about “Don’t Mourne, Organize!”



My buckle was cut from a ‘buckshot’ pattern billet.

A really nice finish on the steel – very rustic, and not too shiny.

Scott added a nice touch on the back of the buckle – a leather insert with the belt number stamped on!

True to the project philosophy, the pin-set was made in the US too~



The sinew thread is thick and robust.

Buckle fold design done by yours truly 🙂



Oh well, the leather.

I could go on for hours~~~

It is unlike anything I’ve handled.

Very, very thick (16.5 oz, I measure, via serial calliper measurements), yet oh so supple.

Even though Mr. Jim Moser has only lightly hand-stuffed this skirting leather, the effects are very obvious.

It has the softness and flexibility that my own skirting leather belt only achieved after a few months of wear and a few good oiling sessions.

The growth of the grain is definitely more intense compared to other leathers I’ve seen (except for the Quercus leather, on which the growth is more vertical).

The colour is unique…a light peach, compared to the pale yellow of an unfinished skirting leather.



I’m only 2 days into wearing The Joe Hill, more detailed reviews and pictures coming soon!


6 thoughts on “The Joe Hill belt project (part 2)

  1. wow, great stuff man. so much thought and work process into a belt. can’t say i’m crazy about the design, but the workmanship is excellent as expected from unlucky.

    i am really looking forward to see how it evolves tho. Cheers.

      1. Thanks for the info. In fact, I emailed him several days ago but haven’t hear from him yet. 😦

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