Even more leathers from Unlucky!

Along with the Joe Hill belt also came another couple of leather items Scott was kind enough to make for me.

First one is a belt made from the ‘blonde harness’ leather of  Thoroughbred Leather.



The hide is American in origin, but the actual tanning was done by Teneria Company in Mexico.

It was one of the leathers considered for the Joe Hill project.

A very nice, marbled leather – thinner, but stiffer, than the 17 oz Moser hand-stuffed leather used for the project belts.

And yes, Scott chose a very interesting brass buckle for the belt 🙂



I think this is a very nice alternative to the ‘marbled’ leathers offered by the Japanese brands (SDA, Fullcount, etc), on which the marbling effect is usually achieved through distressing of the grain.

Have I mentioned that I think distressed leathers is best avoided?

Unless you’re buying suede or collecting real vintage items of course 😛


Here is the thickness comparison with the Joe Hill project belt (which is on the right):


The second item is a small hip pouch, US postal style.

Made from brain tanned horsehide, deadstock (tannery closed down long ago), lined with pigskin.

Notice the natural brain-tan colour is a lot softer and more golden than the natural veg-tan colour?



This ain’t mock brain tan, a.k.a. commercial brain tan…this is the real deal.
Leather feels like buckskin, with more density to it.
Incredibly soft, but tough as hell.

I can’t detect any scent of smoke (in fact, it has a sweet smell), so I’m guessing this leather wasn’t smoked to prevent rigidity after water contact (as many brain tanned leathers usually are).

So I decided to apply a layer of my emu conditioner 😛

More pictures of this lovely pouch when I get some decent lighting.

Thank you very much Scott 🙂



2 thoughts on “Even more leathers from Unlucky!

  1. what’s the best way to order from unlucky? I’ve seen photos on Photobucket but i can’t seem to find an email for him.

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