OGL + myNudies belt!

The good folks at Obbi Good Label – long time forum members at myNudies, and a recent affiliate – had reserved a special hide for fellow myNudies denim-nerds.

From the hide 7 belts, 4 key tags and 4 bracelets were cut – and offered at very special prices 😉

And I’ve received my 1.5 inch wide belt today!


I measured the leather at approximately 4.4~4.5 mm with my calliper (10 serial calliper measurements across the belt averaged) – around 11 oz.

The leather is dense (very dense), and totally unfinished as evident by it’s pale white colour.

The smell of vegetable tannage is unmistakable.

The hide is from Brazil by the way (I’ve no experience with Brazilian leather.)

The sides are flat cut, and the back finished with red acrylic paint spelling out “MYNUDIES” 🙂


Some pics:


Further, as promised by OGL, they’ve sent me a belt with lots of ‘character’…

Scars from injuries that the cattle-beast had sustained during life.

Apart from it’s visual appeal and tonal qualities when it comes to the evolution of the leather, the scars also provide an interesting textural variation!


After application of some home-made leather conditioner.

The leather has darkened quite a bit (more tan than pale white now):


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