Brief Roy x Cone Denim contest jeans rant…

Was meaning to take some photos and provide a few updates this weekend.

I’m way past the due date for lots of updates, including progress on the Quercus belt, some belts from Don’t Mourn, Organize!, and the contest jeans of course.

But a small family emergency sprung up, so today it’ll just be more rants, less photos (getting less and less good sunlight where I am now.)


So, just a little bit more about the Roy x Cone Denim contest jeans…

Pics from earlier this week to set the scene 😛

(^ here’s the contest jeans with the SDA sweats from two posts ago – they fit me better than Buzz Rickson’s sweats!)


Firstly, a little bit more about the contest.

We’re almost one-quarter of the way through the big race, and the good news is that most participants have been wearing their jeans regularly.

I understand a couple of people haven’t been giving them much love due to weather conditions or fit/sizing issues, which is a shame.

Some participants have been providing lots of updates in the contest thread on SuperFuture, please head over their to check them out!

A select few have been working their’s really hard, and Sansome1877’s pair is plain ridiculous (dude has been digging in the old  mines a bit.)

On the other hand, Cone Denim hasn’t been doing much (that I know of) with regards to this contest, publicity-wise anyway.


In regards to how these jeans fit, I’ll have to say the cut isn’t as loose as some of the cinch-back models from Levi’s or the Japanese repro companies.

A straight cut, I reckon, with the top-block/bottom-block separation that is Roy’s signature.

The top-block is problematic for me though, in that the crotch bulge is persisting and looks like it won’t go away.

A couple of the other contestants have admitted to the same problem.

The problem arises when I stand up straight, and goes away if I put my hands in the front pockets.

Otherwise, in terms of the seat area, the waist, the hem width, thigh width, etc are all spot-on for me.



The denim is very interesting, to say the least.

Faster wearing than the Cone denim that Roy is using for his regular production models.

Softer too, with the extra-long staple cotton in the weft yarns.

We were guessing this K87211 denim would be a slow wearing fabric – we were wrong.


The fading that is slowly becoming apparent on my pair is a clean, lightning blue.

As you can see in the photo above, the subtle slubbing is beginning to achieve some “vertical fading/falling”.

The fabric became increasingly hairier over the first 2 months, but recently this has stopped.

Finally, this denim also creases (and holds creases) very well – much like it’s counterpart on the ‘regular’ Roy’s.

I have to say I like this special, virgin denim from Cone Denim very much.

The straight cut and the Pima-softness of the fabric makes this pair a pleasure to wear, even in the Australian Summer.


That’s about all the ranting for now.

More to come when I get some photos taken next week.

P.S. My prominent thigh whiskers??? I sit cross-legged a lot XD


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