The “Blonde” harness

This is a belt made by Scott, sent to me along with the Joe Hill project belt.

This 15 oz  leather, from Thoroughbred, is called the “blonde harness”.



If you refer back to the earlier post featuring this belt, you’ll find that it has darkened quite a bit.

A rich amber in the darker spots, a golden tan in the light regions.

It ate up, with great appetite, both Scott’s and my own home-made conditioners.

This has accentuated the marbling and striping on the leather, which I find aesthetically quite pleasing!



The texture of the grain is also becoming more apparent.

I’m hoping for the grain to develop even further in the next few months.

This, in combination with the marbling and striping, will create a good balance in terms of the gross texture of the belt.



This is definitely one of the more interesting and quirky leathers I’ve come across.

Not a bombastic supremo like the hand-stuffed Moser on the Joe Hill belt or Baker’s English oak-tanned on the Quercus belt.

But definitely something out of the ordinary, and lends it’s properties very well to graceful ageing with wear and tear.

Certainly much better than the generic ‘veg. tanned strap’!



The blonde harness is fairly dense, and has a weird (for the lack of a better phrase) static resistance…

After breaking in, the leather is fairly flexible, but when bent it holds it’s shape/position, and doesn’t flop.

Lots of inertia in the fibres…hopefully this belt will become softer in the next few weeks.



Thanks to Scott’s lovely handiwork, the belt is holding it’s edge burnishing very well.

This is the way it should be – if you see a belt starting to fray at the edges after a bit of wear, you know it wasn’t made right!



I reckon this blonde harness is pretty cool, something you don’t see everyday.

Definitely a piece to add to your collection if you’re a fan of interesting nume leathers.

Scott still had a whole piece of blonde harness hide – give him a shout if you like my results so far!


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