Quercus belt update

Here’s the Quercus belt by Terry, at 1 months effective wear.

15 oz, 12 months English oak-bark tanned leather from Baker’s tannery, UK.

Couldn’t wear these as much as I’d like for the first couple of months, due to work circumstances…

But I’ve been putting a bit more time into these lately.



As Terry promised, the leather has become much more flexible…even more so than the average strap.

The colour is also quite amazing, like nothing I’ve seen before.

The mellow yellow, now giving way to a nice orange tan.



The grain development on the Quercus has seemingly been turbo-charged compared to the other belts I have.

The “growth” was already quite significant when the leather was brand new, and it really popped out after some oiling.

The definition of the grain has only increased with wear.


Here’s a comparison with a brand new Quercus belt to illustrate my incoherent words:


One of the best vegetable tanned leathers I’ve had to pleasure of handling and wearing.

The English point/saddle-shapped forged brass buckle is also quite interesting, and one of my favourites in terms of appearance and functionality.

Terry’s stitching and burnishing is on point too – nothing coming loose or fraying out 🙂

All in all, a wonderful belt – much more than what I was hoping when I initially approached Terry about the possibility of a group-buy project.


A reminder of what bark tanned leather should be – made purely and slowly, ageing with grace and character.


Terry is now offering the Quercus in a range of colours as a standard product – I would highly recommend contacting him if you would like to experience a traditional bark-tanned leather!


6 thoughts on “Quercus belt update

  1. Thanks to you I have one of these beauty’s…. Did you treat yours, should I treat mine I have some obenaufs heavy duty LP.


    1. Yes, I treated mine with some oils & oil/wax mixes.
      I wouldn’t recommend Obenauf’s LP on the belt, as it is a heavy-duty weather-proofer, not really a fine conditioner for a dressier belt.
      You’d end up with a coating over the deep growth of the oak-bark leather, which I don’t think would be appealing to touch.

  2. I have some of the regular Obenauf’s leather oil… you know the one with the cotton ball applicator. would that be ok? I love the color of yours looks great.

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