Toy’s McCoy x Warner Bros. sweatshirt

Toy’s McCoy, one of Japan’s leading repro. brands and official clothing producer for Steve McQueen clothing and figurines.

Like a higher-end version of Buzz Rickson’s.

It’s beginnings stemmed from the break-up of the McCoy company many years back…which lead Toy’s and The Real McCoy to go their seperate ways.

Arguably The Real McCoy is much better known outside of Japan.

Toy’s McCoy isn’t much talked about, at least amongst our English speaking denim circles.

But the quality of their garments is evident in everything from their McHill jeans to their repro. military jackets.


Apart from producing the famous McQueen line of clothing, Toy’s also has a collaboration with Warner Brothers (much like what Warehouse has going on with Peanuts/Snoopy.)

Toyo’s Whitesville has a similar collaboration, but the Toy’s McCoy makes are of a higher calibre (and more expensive too!)


Anyway, enough of me crapping on.

This sweatshirt is from the nice folks at Speedway – their customer service remains top-notch despite being hit hard by the recent natural disasters in Japan!

A big “thank you” goes out to John Lofgren and Co.; you can reach them here:


Beep! Beep! The Road Runner sweatshirt…

Vintage fit, ~12oz loop-wheeled cotton, tubular & seamless torso, double V-plackets, lock-stitched throughout.


It does say XL, but this is strictly Japanese sizing, haha.


Very nice printing, and an interesting base colour too.

I’m not quite sure how to describe it…grey in blue, blue in grey???


Fabric made on a hanging loop-wheel knitter.

Very soft, very warm, and should age very well given it’s origin.

The print is WINNING!


Look at that beefy lock-stitch (dual-tone too!)

The inside is finely napped.


One of the few sweatshirts I’ve seen with sweat-wicking plackets in the pit areas.

When you turn the garment inside-out, it’s not difficult to appreciate why Toy’s McCoy’s sweatshirts are a bit more expensive than their counterparts from other Japanese brands.


My only complaint is that it’s a little difficult to pull the sweatshirt over my head – the neck opening is slightly too small for me.

But I blame my parents for the large dome on my torso.

The cut is true 40’s style – snug & tubular around the torso, with a short body length.

A test fit pic below – would look better with a pair of boots and a horsehide jacket over the top…


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