myNudies forum belt by OGL

A small pictorial update (2 weeks wear) of the Obbi Good Label myNudies forum belt:

This Brazilian leather is nice and dense, very raw/unfinished saddle.

The growth of the grain is not too pronounced at this stage, but there are interesting scar marks which keep me fascinated!
A little bit thinner than what I was anticipating, but a very nice and well-made belt nevertheless.

The grain is perhaps less responsive and somewhat more fragile compared to the Wickett & Craig skirting leather on my sword-tip belt – more prone to pitting, flaking, scratches, etc…but I guess these features will contribute to the uniqueness and character of the belt once I log more mileage on them.

The buckle is user- and leather-friendly.

Although I do think the hardware could be a little more heavy-duty.

The flat-cut edge has been nicely flattened.

I admire the care and attention with which this belt was made – the craftsmen at OGL clearly took their time to ensure these forum special belts will become something special.

All in all, a very happy first time customer with OGL!

I’m hoping to see some exciting evo on the other forum belts over at myNudies.


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