Waxy Black Harness belt update

Alright then, the last of my long overdue belt updates for the first half of 2011!

The 16 oz waxy harness leather from Wickett & Craig, turned into a hard-working belt by Scott Willis.

4 months of week-day use at work:

I’ll let the photos do most of the talking:

Closer look at the grain:



Definitely one of the more interesting black leathers I’ve come across.
The leather has a ‘moist’ feel, due to the high wax and oil content.

A colleague of mine, after handling the belt, commented:

“Gee, you must sweat a lot. The belt feels kinda wet!”

Waxy harness was an apt name – you’d be able to re-burnish the edges and backside (as I’ve done) without beeswax!

Initially Scott had reservations about this leather – it doesn’t really feel (as in, the hand of the leather) like a vegetable tanned leather, the grain was very smooth and somewhat featureless when it was new & raw, and it bends very different from other belting leathers.

But as you can see in the above pictures, the grain has developed a distinct patina after some honest wear.

The belt also holds onto pouches and holders quite firmly – there is very little side-way give, which makes it a perfect work belt!

All in all, I’m very satisfied with this work belt – it’s actually the most functional belt I own in terms of holding tools and being able to withstand all sorts of weather and hard-wear.

Not a fine, luxurious leather, but a real work-horse…the kind of belt you’d want to be wearing if you were trapped on a deserted island.


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