Cushman’s loop-wheeled hoodie

Here’s a Cushman’s heavy hoodie that Mr. Lofgren of Speedway was nice enough to order in for me.

Heavy 12 to 13 oz loop-wheeled (hanging circular knitter) cotton outer shell, cotton waffle inner shell.

Tubular/seamless construct, lock-stitched throughout, heavy Talon zipper, pointy hood, etc.

Makes for a beefy, 1950’s (me thinks) style top suitable for the slightly chilly Australian Winter.

Here it is after a machine wash:

This is the rarer of Cushman’s various hoodie makes.

It is different from their standard hoodies in the detailing of the front pockets & the inner waffle lining (which is absent on the basic models).

Also curious is the fact that this particular model uses a Talon zipper, whilst the vast majority of Cushman’s zipped tops utilize Waldes zippers.

Quite hard to track down; only a few retailers stock these, and none ship to Australia as far as I could tell.

So a very big thanks to Speedway for getting these in for me.

On a side-note, the folks at Speedway (although devastated by the recent earthquakes in Japan) are actively helping out their fellow countrymen.

Actually going out there to help, delivery food supplies, etc…

So please support them in supporting others by shopping at Speedway!

The smallest details on this garment have been well thought-out and executed.

There is no flimsiness, messy construct, loose-flaps or sub-standard reinforcement.

Every seam is securely locked, every stitch on-point.

The hood-lacing material could perhaps be a little thicker to better match the rest of the garment.

(Colour of red came out a bit funny in the last couple of pics, bad lighting, sorry :P)

The waffle lining makes this garment very comfortable to wear – like very thick pyjamas – and adds to it’s warmth.

I reckon with a sweatshirt underneath, this hoodie is more than sufficient for the coldest of Melbourne weather.

The pointed hood, IIRC, is a vintage detail – but presents me with a dilemma.

The more I look at my own fit pic, the more this hood resembles a klan hat…not that I’d qualify for membership~

Might have to tuck the tip in (there goes my pixie dreams.)


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