Kyoto FreeMart belt update

A quick update on my beater belt.

I’ve worn it primarily when doing potentially leather staining work.

See here for the initial post.

Around one month effective use.

Leather has darkened quite fast due to the application of horse-oil and my home-made emu wax.

I felt the necessity to wax it as the crease lines in the leather felt rather dry initially – now it is buttery soft and has a nice shine to it (remember that this is saddle leather!)

Amazing what a bit of bird fat and bee secretions can do 🙂

Here it is against an off-white background in indirect late-afternoon sunlight – the best representation of its true colour I could capture:

And here are the not so glamorous stains.

Ethanol stains from dye-preparation:

Stains from oil-based dye:

Rivet scratch from my RoyxCone jeans:

A fantastic belt – excellent craftsmenship with a very nice saddle leather.

I have to say that the saddle leather from Tochigi is superior to most of it’s counterparts produced elsewhere.

Ages very well, and has a nice grain definition despite it’s relatively short tannage.

You could tell that the belt was made by a Japanese dude just by checking out the burnishing job on it!

(Ooops. Forgot to take a photo of the edges, my bad!)

The tear-drop shaped holes are also a nice touch.

My only complaint on this belt is the snap closure buttons (I prefer riveted or stitched) – but then again, without them, I wouldn’t be able to install that heavy Dolce Vita buckle.

A very worthwhile purchase – I’ve further convinced myself that, even if it is from Japan, a nice belt need not cost a fortune!


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