New and improved bird cream!

Big thanks to Scott and Terry who provided me with feedback regarding my emu wax and paste.

I made some more leather food today, but it’s a softer cream this time – very happy with the revised formula, the cream turned out great!
Just the right amount of penetration and waxy residue on the grain surface, very balanced & easy to use.

The proportion of waxes and stearic acid has been decreased, and the oil content upped.

Obviously not suitable for proofing leathers or re-waxing threads any longer – but this formula is more user friendly and geared towards simple, regular maintenance.

I reckon this will be the formula I’ll be using from now on – only making changes to the proportion of beeswax or scent oils.

Tested it out on my wallet – went on to treat lots of my other leathers with it.

Works a charm!


4 thoughts on “New and improved bird cream!

  1. Hello there,

    I just wondering what is the formula and how to make it.
    Can you explain it to me?


    1. Hi Bujin,

      The major ingredients are oil (fat) and wax.
      Other substances such as water, scent, etc can also be added…it’s all about finding a way to combine the effective ingredients (the discovery of which will take time & experimentation!)

      A good place to start is a 50:50 oil & wax mix, and take it from there.
      I cannot reveal to you my formulae, as they are the result of many hours of hard work 😉


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