Tricker’s country Stow

My Stow boots from R.E. Tricker’s factory shop (thank you David!)

Bench-made in Northampton with espresso calf leather, full brogue/wing-tip, inner natural leather lining, cut-top with pull-tab, Goodyear (Storm) welted, and fitted with a commando sole.

I guess the classic English country boot is very different from an Australian country boot…

Love the brogueing and pinking details!

The leather is nice too – there’s a fine character to it, has a smooth hand without feeling like plastic.

I’ve tried to bring out the grain a bit more with a tiny amount of emu oil – the leather didn’t seem to want extra food though – pictures of the result later on.

Very substantial shoes, quite heavy and solid – if Duke Nukem was a pom, he’d be kicking aliens in the face with a pair of Stow boots.

Comfortable right out of the box, surprisingly.

Took it for a walk in the local mall, and no pains or aches on my feet as yet.

I think the medium width of the toes is doing me good; I’ve been wearing narrow Italian boots for too long.


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