R.E. Tricker’s country Grasmere boots

New boots for work from the very helpful folks at The Shoe Healer!

Richard had been very helpful and ordered a pair of Grasmere boots in my size for me.

Bench-made in Northampton with black scotch grain calf leather, toe-cap stiching, inner natural leather lining, cut-top with pull-tab, 360 degree Goodyear welted, and fitted with a commando sole.

Same 4497 last as the Stow boots, but is slightly wider in the toe (‘6’ width.)

A very similar look to the AS Culford boots or the C&J Coniston boots.

The calf leather has been heavily textured/pebbled.

This ‘scotch‘ grain is meant to be a heavier print than a ‘zug‘ grain.

Less noticeable on the toe box where the leather is stretched – but check out the grain on the quarters (pic below.)

I really like the subtle pebbling effect on the toe box!

This scotch grain leather is a little stiffer than the average calf, and much tougher to break in.

I decided to do some work to improve the stiffness and texture – results later 😉

All in all, these are heavy, sturdy boots – generous in fit, understated & subtle in appearance, and tough in the shell – I could really do some serious bashing around in these!

I would highly recommend The Shoe Healer for your English footwear needs 🙂


One thought on “R.E. Tricker’s country Grasmere boots

  1. Thank you very much for your kind comments Mike and I am delighted you are happy with your new Tricker’s Sir.
    I enjoyed reading your post and pictures and if I may make one small comment on the ‘treatment’.
    You have what appears to be a little ‘residue’ of the polish you applied. Try a good quality Shoe Cream preferably in Black, and you should not get this residue. It can be removed anyway but it just takes a little more effort.

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